On Friday, a demonstration took place in Prague in support of the current US President Trump, coupled with a protest against governmental epidemiological measures and COVID-19 vaccination. Part of the protesters pinned the star of David with the inscription “unvaccinated” as a symbol of protest against vaccination on their clothes.

Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic and Foundation for Holocaust Victims issued the following statement: “The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic and the Foundation for Holocaust Victims condemn the exemplary abuse and relativization of the Holocaust symbol associated with the suffering of millions of people. It is obvious that our society needs to be constantly educated. We recommended to all those who resort to such low manifestations of their ideas to visit places associated with the Nazi genocide in our country and abroad. We thank all those who publicly condemned these speeches during today’s Shabbat.“

Romani prisoners of concentration camps and relatives of the victims of Nazism, members of the Committee for Compensation of the Roma Holocaust in the Czech Republic also condemn the abuse of the Jewish star.

Today, the Prague Jewish Community issued an appeal to the general public: “Perhaps, due to today’s coronavirus pandemic, many people have a better understanding of what movement restrictions, limited shopping opportunities, visiting bans, curfews and other restrictions mean.
Nevertheless, for sure no one suffers from hunger, nobody is humiliated, people do not get their bicycle, car, radio or television confiscated. People can go out, visit the park. People’s property is not stolen from them and people are not transported to Terezín and from there, further on to the East in the cattle cars of the trains. Therefore, we beg general public and address the public with the following statement: “Do not use the yellow stars, this way you offend the victims of Nazism.“