Beit Din

The Beit Din FJC is the rabbinical court that provides all services and decisions to the Federation of Jewish Communities in Czechia in the area of religious issues and matters. This mainly, but not solely, concerns issues related to marriages, divorces or conversions. The chairman of the Beit Din (Av Beit Din) is Rabbi Yaakov Hotoveli, the other rabbis of the Beit Din are Rav Chaim Zamir, Rav Ariel Makhanian and Rav Arie Folger. The representative and coordinator of the Beit Din is Rav Menashe Kliment. Beit din FJC is recognized in its activities by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.


Judaism does not seek to convert other people to its religion. In the view of Judaism, it is perfectly fine as long as one lives by the so-called Noachic rules and does not have to become a Jew. Conversion to Judaism is indeed possible, but it is a rather long and arduous process. Conversion (Giur) begins with officially contacting a representative of the Beit Din. A person interested in Giur should demonstrate the reason for his or her interest, in which community he or she participates in religious life, what, how long and with whom he or she learns. Giur can be started if the interested person has at least one year of experience in Jewish community life and receives recommendations from his/her teachers and Jewish community representatives. The length of the conversion process depends on the individual situation of the candidate, and usually takes at least two years. During this process, the candidate must learn the relevant theory and implement it in his/her daily practice. The conversion process then concludes with immersion in a mikve (ritual bath), and in the case of men, a brit mila (circumcision). Beit Din usually issues proof of conversion one year after the completion of the giur process.

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