Czech Jewish community continues to support refugees from Ukraine

The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic has begun to plan and coordinate help to refugees arriving in the Czech Republic since the very beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. In the first phase, we located the accommodation capacities in the various Jewish communities across the Czech Republic, we organized volunteers to help us with either interpreting or psychological support and we established an emergency team. The Federation is in daily contact with Jewish communities in the neighbouring countries as well as with the Czech government for better coordination of the aid.

In total, individual Jewish communities in the Czech Republic assisted to about 200 refugees. The biggest influx has been to Prague. The Jewish community in Prague has activated a team of professional  communitity social workers and volunteers who have been in daily contact with the refugees for the past 6 weeks. The community members offer temporary accommodation, provide meals, material help (clothes, basic hygienic supplies, household goods etc.), assistance with applying for temporary protection status, social counselling incl. medical care, transport and accompaniment and assist with finding a longer-term accommodation.

The Lauder school opened two classrooms for children of kindergarten and primary school age. At the same time, the school hired two Ukrainian teachers who are also refugees. They additionally started an afternoon social club for Ukrainian teens.

This help would not be possible without our community volunteers who have been helping  selflessly, whether with donating household goods and clothes, providing logistics support or organizing leisure activities for refugees. Members of our communities have provide shelter to individuals and family groups of refugees in their own homes. Our younger generation also got involved in helping. The Madrichim team is organizing a Passover lunch for the teens, combined with an outdoor game. We help both Jewish and non-Jewish refugees during this difficult time.

This Passover, our communities invited refugees to a Seder so that we could celebrate freedom and peace together with our Ukrainian friends.

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