Representatives of Jewish communities from all over the world gathered in Prague for the Executive Committee meeting of the World Jewish Congress (WJC)

In the opening address, the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic, Petr Papoušek, mentioned the preparation of a national strategy on combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish life, which is being worked on by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with Jewish organizations. The strategy sets out a series of measures articulated around three pillars: to prevent all forms of antisemitism; to protect and foster Jewish life; and to promote research, education and Holocaust remembrance. The strategy is expected to be presented this November in the framework of the upcoming Czech Presidency of the EU Council. President Papoušek also thanked Prime Minister Petr Fiala and the entire Czech government for their support and assistance to Ukraine.

“It is high time for the European Council to establish a permanent working group on combating the hatred of Jews as well as all forms of racism,” World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder said at the Executive Committee meeting. He also noted that the word “antisemitism” should be replaced by the phrase “Jew hatred,” he added, to more accurately reflect the phenomenon.

Addressing the WJC leaders, Czech Deputy Prime Minister Marian Jurečka declared: “We take very seriously the struggle against all forms of hatred. … Europe has clearly said no to hatred and racism. We don’t want to be spectators. We want to take steps in the field of culture and education. We will make changes so that we are able to face these lies.” 

The repercussions of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine on Jewish communities, the crisis in Jewish education and identity, and pernicious attempts to defame Israel as an “apartheid state” were also at the top of the committee’s agenda.


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